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How it works:

We send you an email with an order number. Then, you simply reply and attach your measurements & photos to the same email. If you already have a scope of work from the insurance company, send that too.  You can also give us a link to a cloud drive like google, or company cam, etc.  The simplest way for you, is the best for us too.

Let us do the hard work. Make the most gain from our team of professional estimate writers. RoofWriter uses the coveted WB estimate writing technique taught to leading industry professionals around the world. That means you get the highest possible returns and your customer gets a roofing product that is far beyond the competition. Don't settle for cutting corners, make sure it's done right. It's your reputation and it's your customer's home.

We accept roofing diagrams with measurements from any source. And...send us photos. Preferably one of each elevation (side) and an overall roof photo. Sometimes your photos are included with your scope or measurements and that will work just fine too. Oh, and please include the order #...that way you can send multiple emails and we can keep things organized.

 After we receive your email, we write a full roof replacement estimate for your company. We customize the report with your logo and contact information. All estimates are completed using Xactimate and are sent to you by email, for your review, in pdf format. We also include the .esx file so that you can make any changes. An Xactimate license is required.

Remember, the better the diagram and photos, the better your estimate. And...if you already have a scope of work from an insurance carrier, send that too to speed up the process. 

RoofWriter is the top roof estimating company in the United States. Our estimates are handwritten in America by Americans. Our human touch and quality control ensure that you are getting the best product possible.

If you need additional help you can email us at Make sure to include the order number or house address to avoid the craziness.