What is RoofWriter?

A Full Roof Replacement Estimating Service!  We write a full roof estimate using state, local, IRC code, and the manufacturer's manual.  The estimate can be used to: order materials, negotiate insurance claims, compete with other companies, or as an independent third-party reference.  Our estimates are written by industry professionals using Xactimate.  The same software that MOST insurance companies use, the software that is considered the industry standard.  We include the Xactimate digital file with all orders so that you can edit it or any claims professional can import the data into their own system, making the process super easy for the insurance company... and we write siding too!

What do we need to send you?

Measurements and Pictures! You can send them (or a link) simply by replying to the email that you receive after placing your order.  Or you can send them to  o r d e r s @roofwriter.com.  Please include your order number or the property address so we can avoid confusion. And...send us your logo so we can customize your orders.

Can we include a scope or another estimate?

Yes, that would be great! If you have already received an estimate / scope from the insurance company or another source please send it by email.  The more information we have, the better your RoofWriter estimate will be.

Is this service for contractors or home owners?

Both, and more.  Our services can be used by anyone.  In fact, we supply professional estimates to contractors, public adjusters, insurance companies, distributers, law firms, manufacturers, IT companies and home owners. RoofWriter is an independent estimating company that provides an unbiased technical estimate to our customers.

Do you send the estimate to the insurance Company?

No, that is what you do... You will receive a pdf to review along with an Xactimate file (.ESX).  Send the estimate and the file to the carrier along with any other documents needed.  

Which types of roofs do you write?

All roof types! We like them all.  Shingle, Flat, Metal, TPO, Tar, Tile... whatever you need!

Do you write commercial estimates?

Yes, we do. But pricing may be different. You will need to contact us before ordering.  Some commercial properties may be similar to residential in size, but enormous projects will need special consideration.  Call us or mail us at info@roofwriter.com for inquiries. 

Can we send you access to a shared drive or CRM?

Yes you can. We like links.  Many of our customers share photos, documents, and diagrams by sending links to a google drive, dropbox, a company cam, IMGING, or giving us access to their companies' CRM.  Whatever makes it easier for you.

How do I contact you if I need an update or price change?

Call or email us. It's common to need edits.  Maybe you need to add a few things, or material prices have changed since you ordered.  We got you covered.  Just email your request to o r d e r s@roofwriter.com and give us your order# or property address.  Or call us at 877-821-ROOF.  We'll make the changes and send it back at no extra charge.

I made a mistake when ordering, can I change the address?

Mistakes happen. Whatever changes you need are possible.  We got your back.  Just email your changes to o r d e r s@roofwriter.com and give us your order# or property address.  Or call us at 877-821-ROOF.  We'll make the changes... and RoofWriter has a 100% guarantee - if you're not satisfied within 15 days of your order, let us know and  we'll issue a full refund.  Easy!

I have not received my order, what do I do?

Check your spam and make sure you sent measurements. RoofWriter offers 24 business hour return service.  But, the clock starts once we have received measurements from you.  WE REQUIRE MEASUREMENTS TO WRITE AN ESTIMATE.  Call us at 877-821-ROOF if you have not received your estimate after 24 business hours of sending measurements or email support@roofwriter.com and include the order # and address.  Weekends are not included in business hours.

What is the .esx file?

It is the file that contains the estimate data in the Xactimate format.  This small file transfers the estimate information into the insurance carrier's computer.  It contains all the codes, measurements and pricing they need to approve your claim.  And, they don't need to re-type the information into their system.  They just click on it and it opens on their computer.  It makes it easy for the carrier to process your claim quickly and confirm that your pricing is correct.  And, of course it's correct because we use the same software,  Smart

How do I open the .esx file?

You can open and edit the .esx by using Xactimate Users of our service are required to have an active Xactimate license.  RoofWriter provides you with a pdf draft and the Xactimate file (.esx) of your estimate.  You may import this file into your own licensed copy of Xactimate for further customizations and editing.  Send the file to the insurance carrier so they can import your estimate into their system.

Can you write a repair or just convert an estimate into Xactimate?

Yes we can.  Sometimes the customer or the insurance company has only approved/wants a repair and you need an estimate rewritten in Xactimate. Other times all you need an estimate created in an insurance-approved format.  We do that.